Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sudafed and cat litter

I'm taking claritin d today. It has sudafed (sp?) in it. Its making me feel really wierd and making me think do really odd things. For instance, I just opened the browser on my phone and clicked on the drudge bookmark. I then put the phone to my ear. What am I thinking?
Penny is using her cat door a lot now and spent most of the day outside. Its been a really nice day today compared to the past week. I suppose cats can appreciate nice days as well as anyone else. Her litter box has been moved into the laundry room from Mandy's craft room. Now we can finally be in there without being suffocated by the stench that is a cat toilet. They really are like porta potties for cats. No one really likes them, but no one complains about them when they need them.


  1. Brian, I find this post as moving as it is informative.

  2. You should have posted a picture of your cat door handiwork.