Thursday, November 11, 2010


It's getting colder outside which means I'm less motivated to go outside and puworking in the garden (what's left of it from the spring/summer). I don't suppose there are a lot of things left to do in a garden during the winter.
I'm also less motivated to ride the bike. There are plenty of reasons one could make to not ride a bike in the cold, especially when he has the option of a car - I'm having a real hard time with that.

I read 10 Days to Faster Reading over the past few weeks. I myself have not been a very fast reader, although my comprehension was decent. This book really helped me by providing techniques and strategies to read through material much more quickly, and pointed out several bad habits that I have unknowingly  grown into. The first assumption the author makes about the reader is that he or she has never had any kind of formal reading training since elementary years where they are taught a very inefficient  method of reading, at least independently. Anyway, it helped me a lot and I can't think of anyone I wouldn't suggest it to.

Currently reading Reforming Marriage in between reading CCNA material. It's pretty thought provoking and I like it a lot so far.