Saturday, November 28, 2009


Mandy and I had a great Thanksgiving with family. We accomplished the main Thanksgiving goals that most Americans strive for, which are:

1. Eat as much as possible
2. Do as little as possible (outside the scope of item 1 and cooking).
3. Be thankful as much as possible.

About item 3. Isn't it sad that the busiest shopping day of the year (at least universally accepted) is the day after Thanksgiving? I know I am not one to say anything on the matter, as I am historically one who partakes in this "event" with great enthusiasm. I did not participate in any of the frivolity this Black Friday though, more only because I don't want/need anything nor do I feel like I need to do all of my Christmas shopping on the same day that most people on the planet do.

However, I do plan to tone down the material mindedness of the holiday season down a few notches, but that could be just because I'm getting older...

I helped JR move into his new house, which is awesome. Mandy and I watched 4 Christmases, which we both found entertaining, and we started (and finished today) the 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle pictured below.

Consider yourself updated.


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  1. I still remember your Black Friday Fiasco of 2005. The Small LCD Monitor.