Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sudafed and cat litter

I'm taking claritin d today. It has sudafed (sp?) in it. Its making me feel really wierd and making me think do really odd things. For instance, I just opened the browser on my phone and clicked on the drudge bookmark. I then put the phone to my ear. What am I thinking?
Penny is using her cat door a lot now and spent most of the day outside. Its been a really nice day today compared to the past week. I suppose cats can appreciate nice days as well as anyone else. Her litter box has been moved into the laundry room from Mandy's craft room. Now we can finally be in there without being suffocated by the stench that is a cat toilet. They really are like porta potties for cats. No one really likes them, but no one complains about them when they need them.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Mandy and I had a great Thanksgiving with family. We accomplished the main Thanksgiving goals that most Americans strive for, which are:

1. Eat as much as possible
2. Do as little as possible (outside the scope of item 1 and cooking).
3. Be thankful as much as possible.

About item 3. Isn't it sad that the busiest shopping day of the year (at least universally accepted) is the day after Thanksgiving? I know I am not one to say anything on the matter, as I am historically one who partakes in this "event" with great enthusiasm. I did not participate in any of the frivolity this Black Friday though, more only because I don't want/need anything nor do I feel like I need to do all of my Christmas shopping on the same day that most people on the planet do.

However, I do plan to tone down the material mindedness of the holiday season down a few notches, but that could be just because I'm getting older...

I helped JR move into his new house, which is awesome. Mandy and I watched 4 Christmases, which we both found entertaining, and we started (and finished today) the 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle pictured below.

Consider yourself updated.



I'm transitioning my written journal to Wordpress so I can record my life and get ideas written easier and faster. I might even transition everything I've written here. We'll see.

Currently I'm reading C.S. Lewis'es "Mere Christianity". I've been reading it off and on for the past several months but only now have I really committed to it. It's harder to read non-fiction, especially something that requires deep thought, than it is to read fiction. At least with fiction you're not forced to think about what the author is trying to convey, most of the time...

At the moment Lewis is talking about Morality, generally describing it as a set of rules. He makes the point that many people take morality as a set of "ideals" and following them as "idealism", which basically makes the statement that an idea is something that someone has "created" and is not completely fact and has not been "proven". Although I'm not sure how someone could prove something is good or bad outside the scope of what Christ has describe as being so. Which brings the point of absolutes. How can anyone say anything is absolute when their own opinion of absolute is not absolute in and of itself. When someone says something is not an absolute, they themselves are stating that it is, one way or another.

I think this is going to turn into an endless rambling, but I think it will  be good practice to think critically to myself to flesh out ideas, especially if I'm ever going to talk to someone about these sorts of things. I find that I don't talk much when around these conversations.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

This day is marked by not having to work, playing MW2, and eating. Also, be sure to exercise before and after eating.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Crush It! a Gary Vaynerchuk book

I finished reading Gary Vaynerchuck's "Crush IT!" today. This is another web-centered, anti-traditionalist, you-can-do-it-too book that has been pretty popular recently. It guides those who have something they're really passionate about (the word "passion" is used more times than I can count in this book) into creating an online presence focused solely on communicating and sharing that passion with others. The purpose of all this, obviously, is to some day earn money sharing this passion. However, one thing I like about Gary's approach is that it's not meant as a get rich and forget- it-all scheme, or at least, not as self-centered as some other similar books (those focused on working as little as possible). His focus is family first and foremost, then your passion, then creating a legacy with that passion.

Overall it was a really good read and I would recommend it to anyone who has something they want to share with the world.

Crush It! a Gary Vaynerchuk book

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009


One of the side reasons for starting this blog again is to get at the top of the Google search "Brian Dean". I can do it...

Cranberry Bliss and ammunitions

So this past weekend Mandy and I had a short trip to columbia. She was able to procure a free room on account of our on going constituency. The Hyatt Place is among my favorite hotels. Very nice rooms with 42" tvs and free breakfast that's usually decent. We watched Public Enemy, which I liked a lot.

Next day we went to the gun show at the jamil temple. Bought a bunch of .223 for my AR-15 and Russian ammo for my mosen nagant. Sweet.
More shopping of various sorts...and that was about it....

The next day mandy woke me up with a cranberry bliss bar from Starbucks. Which is without a doubt the best thing you can eat that's from a major coffee house chain.

I've also been reading a lot recently. Currently reading Brandon's copy of "Crush It!" by Gary Vaynerchuck. So far I like it pretty good.
Last week I read The Catcher in the Rye which very good (IMO) if you can get past the profanity and the overly negative attitude.
That's all for now.

Cranberry Bliss

Cranberry Bliss

Monday, November 16, 2009

I've put this off for far too long...

I broke down today and installed Wordpress. More to come. But as a quick update on a few major events.

Mandy and I bought a house in May.

Mandy's Pregnant.

If you're reading this, you probably already knew that.

More to come...