Saturday, November 28, 2009


I'm transitioning my written journal to Wordpress so I can record my life and get ideas written easier and faster. I might even transition everything I've written here. We'll see.

Currently I'm reading C.S. Lewis'es "Mere Christianity". I've been reading it off and on for the past several months but only now have I really committed to it. It's harder to read non-fiction, especially something that requires deep thought, than it is to read fiction. At least with fiction you're not forced to think about what the author is trying to convey, most of the time...

At the moment Lewis is talking about Morality, generally describing it as a set of rules. He makes the point that many people take morality as a set of "ideals" and following them as "idealism", which basically makes the statement that an idea is something that someone has "created" and is not completely fact and has not been "proven". Although I'm not sure how someone could prove something is good or bad outside the scope of what Christ has describe as being so. Which brings the point of absolutes. How can anyone say anything is absolute when their own opinion of absolute is not absolute in and of itself. When someone says something is not an absolute, they themselves are stating that it is, one way or another.

I think this is going to turn into an endless rambling, but I think it will  be good practice to think critically to myself to flesh out ideas, especially if I'm ever going to talk to someone about these sorts of things. I find that I don't talk much when around these conversations.

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