Monday, November 23, 2009

Crush It! a Gary Vaynerchuk book

I finished reading Gary Vaynerchuck's "Crush IT!" today. This is another web-centered, anti-traditionalist, you-can-do-it-too book that has been pretty popular recently. It guides those who have something they're really passionate about (the word "passion" is used more times than I can count in this book) into creating an online presence focused solely on communicating and sharing that passion with others. The purpose of all this, obviously, is to some day earn money sharing this passion. However, one thing I like about Gary's approach is that it's not meant as a get rich and forget- it-all scheme, or at least, not as self-centered as some other similar books (those focused on working as little as possible). His focus is family first and foremost, then your passion, then creating a legacy with that passion.

Overall it was a really good read and I would recommend it to anyone who has something they want to share with the world.

Crush It! a Gary Vaynerchuk book

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  1. man, that book is right up the alley of what i have been thinking about recently. i have too many passions, is the problem.

    like the site.. golden nuggets macro is huge