Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today is Finn's 3 month check-up. He's grown so much over the past few months it's hard to believe. He's starting to coo and smile a lot, and that makes both of us very happy. I believe God has great things in store for him, and I aim to help him discover and excel in this.

I'm reading through a devotional Curt Rabe gave me on our wedding day called "Pursuit of Joy" by Dr. Paul Kooistra. It's mainly a study on Philippians and how to attain joy through God. It's very good so far. Today, reading Ephesians 2:8-10, revealed that only by grace are we saved, and only by His death are we made worthy of this grace.

I'm still in the process of deciding whether or not to pursue a bachelors degree at some type of school. I trust God will give me direction in this and that any selfish reasons will be revealed so I may have a true meaning of my actions and decisions.