Sunday, March 28, 2010

School and Garden

I need not apologize for lack of update as I've been hard at work doing other things...Had I been lazy and not doing other things then a firm dose of discipline would be in order, but that's not the case, so on to the updates.

Over the past several weeks I've been studying and taking tests to complete a few certs that I've been wanting to finish. I took and passed MS 70-291 and the Network+ exam. These tests combined with previous ones I passed gave me the MCSA credential, which could be worthy of putting after my name in email communications or business cards. I don't  think that's necessary though...

These test have also given me the ability to exempt the classes needed to graduate from PTC with an associates in information systems. This makes me ecstatic because I've been enrolled at tech since 2004 (though not continuously)....I plan to continue my education at an institution of even higher learning. More to come on that.

Garden update....

Lot's going on here. I don't have pictures of everything yet, but I will be sure to post some this week.

The raised bed garden boxes have been built and two rows of Spinach have been planted in one of the beds. This plant requires direct, outdoor planting and should not be started indoors (like all our other plants).

Our squash has reached a milestone in maturity and has been transplanted from starter boxes to interim boxes it will grow in until it's ready to be planted in the raised beds. These things sprouted and grown rather quickly.

All the other plants have been growing at a normal rate. More to come on these.

That's all for now. I will post pictures of everything sometime this week.

-Brian Dean, MCSA


  1. Congrats on moving on with education! I know about a long academic process, myself.

    Abby and my squash plants were the first to grow, and rapidly, also. I hope we can all get a lot of good veggies this summer and fall! Homegrown spinach sounds awesome.

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