Sunday, February 21, 2010

Curb Appeal

While I've been composting for the past few weeks another outdoor project has been looming above me...the front yard.
A few months back we had a driveway poured, and while this resolved the bulk of our front yard problems, it left a larger problem for the rest of the yard.

The plan was to lay sod around the driveway and easily create a magazine-quality front is always easier than action. I went outside yesterday to start work on preparation and realized that a ton of concrete debris and rocks has integrated itself into the soil. Not good for grass.

So now the plan is to craft a large sifter for the top soil and shovel the bulk of the yard through it. Hopefully this wont take a ton of time and will produce good results. Someone once said "The harder you work, the better the results"...yeah.

Meanwhile I can think of the type of grass I want to lay...

Building a Soil Sifter

Local sod farms


  1. Let's talk about gardening some this weekend. I'm helping Abby with things she wants to grow also.

    -What are you planning to grow?
    -Are you going to buy the little plants after the last frost, or start growing from seed soon?
    -Did you choose your back yard because the front yard would be tacky, or because you get more sunlight in the back per day?