Friday, November 28, 2014

Star Wars - Mark My Words

The first teaser for The Force Awakens (tFA, FA?) has been released. No elements of the plot-line have been revealed but I will share with you my prediction here with you now..

Darth Sidious will reappear. His spirit was not killed and has been regaining strength enough to form into a physical being since the end of RotJ. All in the woods of some frozen planet....Hoth? Most likely....because it's Star Wars.

People, let us connect the dots together by considering what we know....with wild conjecture.

1. Disney doesn't own the Harry Potter franchise.

2. The title "The Force Awakens" clearly has a coming-to-life, revitalization meaning. If it's "awakening" now, then it must have previously been in some kind of dormant state, which would obviously suggest that what the title is referring to has existed before. Sidious.

3. Sidious has already suggested he has the power to bring people back from the dead. Albeit one might have considered it a ploy to seduce Anakin to the DS, I don't think he would have made it an obvious point to suggest it if he hadn't already come to the idea that one could actually do it. It's possible that his spirit was able to seduce some still-alive figure who had a  high midichlorian count and somehow taught that person the way to bring him back to life.

4.  In the trailer, the narrator's voice is obviously quite sinister, and our storm trooper (clone? no) appears to have just awoken from some kind of night terror (sweaty and what not). Out in the middle of no where by himself? Crash landed...or fell off a ship. By himself, unconscious for some time, he was contacted by Sidious during slumber. Perhaps he's the friend who will help Sidious regain physical form?

5. Disney doesn't own the film rights to LoTR. And by golly Disney is going to have itself a back-from-the-dead epic.

More thoughts to come.


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