Thursday, October 27, 2011


This term I'm taking Macroeconomics and CIS 120 - which is basically Microsoft Office 2010. The class isn't as hard as it is tedious and time consuming. I'm not one who follows directions step-by-step to something I pretty much already know how to do. Like creating flyers. Anyone lost a dog recently? Call me, I've got the skillz.

Macroeconomics is a different story. Here is a subject where I had only a vague understanding of many things in the material and most of it is brand new to me. While I shouldn't be surprised at this, I usually have a general idea of the subjects I'm getting into. Not the case here. So far it's pretty challenging and I'm having to read the material multiple times to understand it. Maybe that's called studying.

Went to a Toastmasters meeting this morning with Brandon. Pretty interesting. It started at 6:30 AM (yeah). Lots of public speaking on various topics. I was asked to speak, which I denied. However I can definitely see the benefit of the organization. If I had more time, I would considering doing it.

Cycling - rode to 96 and back this past weekend. Participated in my first organized cycling event the weekend before that. No commuting recently due to the weather, I hope to get some gear soon that will help with that.


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