Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Grass is starting to grow in the front yard and I'm super to come in due time.

I played Mass Effect (1) last weekend and was totally blown away. Probably one the best games I've ever played. Also probably one of the only RPGs (hybrid?) I've actually finished. I think I need to work on that some...

I haven't been reading as much as I've wanted to recently. I read Ron Paul's The Revolution and it was pretty good. I'm not huge fan of investing a lot of time into political research but I found it to be worth while. I feel that our natural opinions on politics should spring from our religious beliefs, as with all other opinions we hold, so I would be more inclined to spend more time studying the Bible rather than reading and analyzing various political stances. Granted, research into people we vote into offices is very important to make sure our principals are aligned, but even that shouldn't take a large amount of time. Accepting the fact that no one is perfect, especially those making decisions in offices, also mitigates the need for immense amounts of time spent analyzing politics.

Right now I'm reading through Francis Chan's Crazy Love. Not saying that I didn't take it seriously the first time I read it, but I probably didn't give it enough consideration. The general message of the book challenges me in a  lot of ways and I hope my attitude and ambitions can be influenced in a way that allows me to lessen my wants, needs, and desires for a level of comfort that could ensue a sense of apathy towards increasing my reliance on God. I think a lot of people get overly confident (my self included) in what they can seemingly provide for themselves which could open a door for a feeling of self-reliance that would then leads towards having less of a desire for God's influence in our lives.

That was pretty much me typing out loud and a self-reflection...



  1. Wow, well-written and insightful! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. I agree with Troy. This is a very well-worded explanation of my feelings on politics as well. Good post!

  3. boom where dat grass at hollarrrr