Monday, December 14, 2009


A recent one-way conversation I had with someone who was questioning my dedication to a project that I never promised anyone but merely hinted at the fact that I might one day produce such an object that was being discussed.

"[22:01] z3px: poop
[22:01] z3px: all over the place
[22:01] z3px: i mean seriously
[22:01] z3px: lets be real
[22:01] z3px: you and i
[22:01] z3px: frank about this whole situtation
[22:02] z3px: you put a wennie in a bun
[22:02] z3px: you put relish, mustard, ketchup, and chillie on top
[22:02] z3px: then you shovel it into your mouth
[22:02] z3px: chew
[22:02] z3px: swollow
[22:02] z3px: poop
[22:02] z3px: repeat
[22:03] z3px: do you catch my drift?
[22:03] z3px: my tokyo drift?"

In other news, I finished school tonight for this semester and my final class at PTC. Good riddance.

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